Saturday, May 23, 2015

#UofTreunion & My 12 Pearls Of Wisdom

By Wendy Kam Marcy

Woah throwback! Look at me back then haha!

So it’s UofT's annual alumni weekend on May 27-31 and I'll be going back to school!

This year they will be celebrating graduating classes ending in 0 or 5. But all U of T grads are invited back to check out the exhibits, lectures and class dinners.

This time there will be no over-nighters at Robarts Library, multiple choice exams and those ridiculous papers worth 50% of your grade! Instead catchup with old friends and roommates (or maybe not!) and find an eclectic mix of fun and illuminating ways to celebrate your hard earned degree and commemorate your alma mater.

Click here for a full listing of events including the SHAKER flagship event, college/faculty BBQs, open house tours and family-friendly brunch.

As I think back to my grad over a decade ago, I'm thankful that the roller-coaster of life has taken me to a good place.

Here are my 12 pearls of wisdom I've gathered along the way and wanted to share... hold on because it'll be one heck of a ride!

  1. When it comes to work do what you love but be strategic. Don't just find a job but invest in a career.
  2. Learn to say no and set boundaries without feeling guilty. Before you say yes, understand what you are really getting into.
  3. Resist the need to always justify or defend yourself. It's ok to agree to disagree.
  4. Less is more.
  5. Unplug... I promise you are not missing out! My husband came up with Router-free Sundays where there is no wifi in our home and we focus on quality real "face-time".

    Tied the knot at UofT Knox College

  6. Keep that 10 year plan around for a good laugh later. Even if everything were to happen, you will be 10 years older (and wiser) and may not care for those same things anymore. Be realistic and start with a 2-5 year plan.
  7. Don't be a control freak! Life happens!
  8. Make a decision. Even if it turns out to be the wrong one at least you were not standing still.
  9. Don't wait for permission if it feels like the right thing to do.
  10. Forgive yourself. Let it go.
  11. Normal is boring. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace change.
  12. If you encounter bouts of sadness and anxiety know that it is normal and it too shall pass. Then when things are good again, you will appreciate it even more.

Wendy is a New Mom to a curious and rambunctious little boy. Plugged in she is the Co-Founder of HUG and the Director of Marketing at Adfluent Media - an Ad Agency that specializes in Online Advertising, Google Adwords and Affiliate Marketing. She also teaches the Business of Blogging and Content Marketing workshops at Camp Tech.

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