Friday, June 12, 2015

Meet BINGO! Our Foster Puppy!

By: Lisa Ng

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would take a moment to introduce you all to BINGO. He’s our foster puppy that came to us through the incredible organization, Voice for the Animals in Venice, California. He's been with us for almost two weeks now and he's made such a vast improvement since he first arrived in our home.

BINGO was on the red list at the South LA animal shelter for being aggressive with another dog. I think it was a case of shelter stress, but BINGO needed a foster home asap which is how we got involved. Yes, he may nip at another dogs when provoked - but generally his personality has been very sweet. In fact, he seems incredibly nervous to be around other dogs in general, which means we will have to work to socialize him more.

I had actually seen an ad in my local newspaper from Voice for the Animals and inquired about being a foster parent for another dog. Turns out that BINGO (a terrier) was more of a fit for us, so I met him last week and he seemed super friendly, but definitely not happy about his shelter environment and the constant barking around him.

Before we could bring him home, had to be neuteured, microchipped and given his set of shots. So about a day later, he was dropped off by the rescue organization in a bit of a daze from the medication and his operation. 
BINGO was a stray and is a lovebug in need of LOTS of attention, playtime and cuddles. 

We’re not sure if BINGO ever had a real home, but he’s certainly a people person. They estimate that he’s about a year old, so still a puppy. He follows us everywhere. You’re going upstairs? I’m coming with you! You’re moving to the couch? Let’s all move to the couch! It’s pretty cute. He learned his name after 3 days (he didn’t come with a name) and started to play fetch. I called for BINGO from my desk today and his head popped up from behind the couch (who me?)!

We spent a weekend looking at possible rescues to adopt at a bunch of different LA shelters – but never found one that we clicked with. So fostering is a great way to figure out if a pup is right for us. If you’re thinking of getting a dog or can’t commit to one long-term – please consider volunteering to become a foster parent by contacting your local animal shelter or rescue organization! It has all been so incredibly rewarding for Paul and I.

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  1. That's one adorable dog. There's no way to tell what a dog went through before it gets to a shelter so it's good that there are shelters that give dogs a chance, even though they might seem 'aggressive.'