Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ditch the Doubt + #OwnIt

By: Lisa Ng

A sponsored post.

I’ve never considered myself a super athletic person. 

I think this sort of self-doubt has lingered in my head for a long time and it often holds me back from trying new things. However, when I look back – it’s not a true statement and I’ve been holding onto it for way too long.

I’ve participated in multiple 5K runs, trained in ballet, modern and jazz when I was younger and into my early 20s, played in two different soccer leagues and have tried almost every workout under the sun. I somehow convinced myself that I had to be some sort of perfect Olympian to be considered athletic.

I finally decided it was time to cast away the doubt it and #OwnIt.

I learned to ski as an adult
I am strong, I am athletic and I am not going to shy away from living my best and most active life possible because of some crazy ideal of athletic perfection. 

Here’s the real talk: most of us are just doing our best and if we’re putting in the effort and being more active in our everyday lives – it counts and should not be dismissed in any way. So let’s not ever sell ourselves short and let’s start to #OwnIt.

Our friends at Kellogg’s Special K are launching the #OwnIt initiative to celebrate all women and to encourage them to ditch the doubt and #OwnIt. Let’s focus on the things we CAN do instead of the things we can’t. Let’s focus on the way we take care, appreciate and nourish our bodies.

Special K is a great way to get a healthy start to an active, busy day. I like to add a little unsweetened almond milk to my Special K and a handful of fresh, sliced strawberries. 

If you’re feeling peckish after dinner, a small cold bowl of Special K also makes for a great evening snack.

To learn more visit: www.SpecialK.ca + the hashtag #OwnIt

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