Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Make This! Spaghetti & Bacon Meatballs

By: Lisa Ng
Trying to eat out less and cook at home more? I'm trying to do the same thing with wholesome comfort food that stretches into leftovers the next day. This recipe from Real Simple features meatballs that have an amazing smokey flavour and moistness from the bacon fat. To start, preheat your broiler for the meatballs and boil a large pot of water for your pasta.
Chop up your parsley and garlic
Mix with chopped onion
Cook your spaghetti. We used a thicker bucatini so it did take a bit longer.

Coarsely chop up three slices of bacon
Combine ground beef, bacon, onion mixture, egg, breadcrumbs, salt & pepper
Make meatballs & broil, turning once for 10-12 minutes
Cook pasta to al dente and drain
Heat the marinara sauce over medium for 2-3 minutes and mix in with the pasta
Add the meatballs and toss gently in the sauce to coat, sprinkle with cheese. Serve hot and devour immediately. Add to a side salad or steamed broccoli to get your green intake. Here's the complete recipe from Real Simple magazine. Enjoy!

Lisa Ng is also the Editor-in-Chief of This Beautiful Day, a lifestyle blog for smart women. You can follow her online @helloLisaNg + on Instagram @ThisBeautifulDay.


  1. Not only did Christmas hurt the wallet but it expanded the waist. **sigh** more greens and veggies for me.