Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

By Wendy Kam Marcy

Zombies are once again taking over The Six!

Imagine you and your team trapped in a locked room for 60 minutes. There’s a zombie chained to a wall. While you solve hidden clues, puzzles and riddles, the hungry Zombie’s chain will be released one foot, every five minutes.

Sounds easy enough to me but only 10% of players are able to outsmart the zombie and escape unscathed!

Cult classic horror fans will especially appreciate that the room experience includes a full retro horror set and Toronto’s finest improv actors.

I think this is the perfect Halloween office event so I'm going to convince my boss that working together to battle zombies will build corporate culture and enhance team building skills!

Tickets and more info are available now at

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