Friday, January 29, 2016

Canadian Auto Show

By: Lisa Ng

Thinking of buying a new car this year? 
I've made it to 9 years with my trusty Honda FIT hatchback and because it's paid off in full, I'm determined to take that car to 10 years! However, I've had a few things go on the car recently that I paid to get fixed, that Paul and I are thinking about what car we want to get next.
Since Paul is an avid snowboarder, we're likely going to get something that can handle driving on snowy roads going uphill on a mountain. So we need something that can do that but still be a really great city car. 
If you're also thinking about getting a new car, the Auto Show is coming to Toronto February 12-21st at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Tickets are $23, but only $12 if you hit it up on Tuesday!
Visit for more info and to buy tickets in advance.

Lisa Ng is also the Editor-in-Chief of This Beautiful Day, a lifestyle blog for smart women. You can follow her online @helloLisaNg + on Instagram @ThisBeautifulDay.

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