Saturday, April 9, 2016

Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel - Pasadena

By: Lisa Ng

I had the chance to visit the gorgeous Chuan Spa inside of The Langham Hotel in Pasadena earlier this year and I loved my entire experience. It felt like a nice little escape out of the city an easy way to spend an afternoon.

I tried the spa's signature Chuan Yu Facial (1 hour 15 minutes / $230) was ultra-luxe and incorporated elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine during my treatment. My facial began with a steam followed by a cleansing with Kerstin Florian products. The line uses plant and marine ingredients to repair and hydrate the skin. It was incredibly gentle for my skin. 

The highlight of my visit was the pressure point massage using jade – a healing stone. A rounded jade stone was placed on my face and gently pulled across it, helping with blood circulation. It felt incredibly relaxing and did not hurt at all. The jade felt cool on my face and I trusted that my therapist knew exactly what she was doing.

My facialist applied a few accupressure beads into my ear to help with proper organ function. They are tiny beads, taped on with very mini skin-coloured band-aids in and around your ear. I was told that they will fall out on their own and they did after 4-5 days.

I easily made a day out of my visit to Chuan Spa and spent some time lying on a waterbed in their dream room, sipping tea, reading a few magazines and used their steam room, sauna and hot tub. If you have more time, I suggest lunch on this stunning historic property and a walk around the hotel.
Chuan Spa is located beside The Langham Hotel in Pasadena. 

For more information, visit: Chuan Spa online for their full menu.

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