Thursday, May 26, 2016

#BestPetBestBuy Pet Wearables

By Shari Archinoff

My dog, Tucker, is 5 years old but I still think of him as a puppy. However, at his last check-up, out vet reminded me that he’s closer to his senior years than puppyhood. He also suggested that Tucker slim down a bit, because being overweight for a dog his size can cause hip problems later on. Luckily for us, there are some great new products on the market designed to help your pets stay healthy, and Best Buy was kind enough to send me a few of them.

The first item in their box of goodies is the FitBark, a little bone-shaped device that attaches to your dog’s collar. The device itself is pretty compact, so even a smaller dog could wear it all day without it getting in the way. It works with an app that helps you track your dog’s activity and helps you figure out what they get up to during the day.

I work from home so I happen to know that Tucker spends most of the day lying by the front door, but I like that it turns your dog’s active times into “bark points” so you can track your progress. I’m sure both Tucker and I will look forward to taking longer walks to score more points!

Another similar product we got to test out was the WonderWoof, which calls itself “the world’s first fashion-forward dog activity monitor”. It certainly looks good, right down to the super cute packaging it comes in. This device also pairs with a mobile app and breaks your dog’s daily activities into categories like sleeping, walking, and playing. As an added bonus, you can also meet other dog lovers in your area with the map-enabled social feature. The WonderWoof is a bit bigger than the FitBark so it might not be great for really small dogs, but I think my big man looks perfectly dashing with this pink bow-tie shaped device attached to his collar (it also comes in other colours if pink isn’t your thing).

The other product we got is the TrackR Bravo, which I’m most excited about. It’s a little coin-sized disc that attaches to your dog’s collar (or anything else you want to keep track of). The TrackR Bravo is a little GPS unit that lets you find lost items on a map, gives you separation alerts if you get too far away from it, and also let’s you ring your phone even if it’s on silent! I know I’m certainly going to get a lot of use out that feature.

I also love the extra peace of mind it will give me, because despite being glued to my side most of the time, Tucker’s been known to be a bit of an escape artist. I once spent a very scary night running around my neighbourhood during a thunderstorm trying to find him, but now with the TrackR Bravo I know that even if he does somehow get away from me, I’ll be able to find him. This makes me feel so much more confident in taking him to off-leash dog parks, or crowded places like the upcoming Woofstock.

See you at Woofstock!

If you’re heading to Woofstock this weekend and are interested in picking up any of these products for your pup, make sure to stop by the Best Buy booth. This outdoor dog festival is happening at Woodbine Park. If you see a big black dog with a shiny pink bow-tie, make sure to say hi!

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