Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My First Car: The Toyota Corolla

By: Lisa Ng

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Thinking about getting a new car?

I grew up driving a Toyota Corolla and learned how to drive on one. My family loved the car so much – we got TWO! After we retired the first one, we went on and bought a third! My sister and I loved driving it and my parents always felt safe with us in it. The car is incredibly easy to handle and compact enough that I could fit into a lot of the smaller parking spaces that bigger cars couldn’t.

I’ve gone on some fun adventures in our Toyota Corolla. Paul and I took it whitewater rafting with all of our camping gear and took road trips all over Ontario. The trunk is super roomy for all of our luggage, groceries and other random stuff. I also got great mileage driving the car back and forth from Toronto to Waterloo while Paul and I were long-distance during University. I love how reliable the Corolla is and the fact that it didn’t cost me a whole pile of money to fill-up.

So I was super impressed when I recently saw the 2016 Toyota Corolla!  

It’s a fantastic car for the city that’s also fun to drive. The Corolla is perfect for running errands, grocery shopping or for spontaneous weekend road-trips. The pick-up is great when you hit the gas pedal and the updated design looks even better than before. If you’re looking for an affordable and fun first car – this car checks all of the boxes!

We love the Toyota Corolla and a lot of people feel the same way - which is why it’s North America’s #1 selling compact car. It’s come a long way from the very first version we bought and has been updated with lots of cool new safety and technology features that come standard with the car.

Some of my favourite new things include the USB and Bluetooth connectivity and the audio controls on the steering wheel that are included on every vehicle. Power windows and door locks all come standard, along with heated side mirrors and active and passive safety systems. You definitely get a lot more in the standard package compared to some other cars.

The Toyota Corolla is built in Canada and has an incredible price-point starting at $15,995 CAD for the six-speed CE model or $18,815 CAD for the automatic CE version. The brand is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Toyota Corolla next year and it’s the world’s all-time best-selling vehicle. 

I believe it because my family bought THREE!

To schedule a test-drive or to check out the all-new 2016 Toyota Corolla for yourself, visit: www.Toyota.ca/Corolla 

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