Friday, June 10, 2016

SKECHERS Interactive Media Event

By Shari Archinoff

Confession: I’ve never really been much of a shoe person. I usually have one or two pairs that I wear all the time until I wear them out. So when I look for shoes, I want ones that are comfortable, durable and cute. Fortunately SKECHERS is able to provide on all fronts!

When I was invited to their media event for a VIP experience, of course I jumped at the chance to have an exclusive look at the spring/summer collection and get a sneak peek at the fall line too. Those of us who attended were treated to a continental breakfast with options like fresh fruits, bagels and cream cheese, and lovely pastries.

I was lucky enough to snag an almond croissant - my favourite! We were also given a bottle of fresh juice from local company Village Juicery. I chose their ‘Be Active’ flavor -- made with pear, beet, apple, ginger and lemon. It was sweet and refreshing with just a bit of a kick from the ginger. I could definitely see this replacing my morning coffee!

In keeping with SKECHERS approach to a healthy lifestyle, we were also treated to smoothies provided by Progressive and protein bars from Genuine Health. The venue was set up with multiple displays of shoes, allowing us to get a good look at what’s available. With so many great looking shoes, it’s no wonder that SKECHERS works with so many celebrities like pop superstars Demi Lovato and Megan Trainor, and even legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr!

We also had a chance to chat with SKECHERS Canada Ambassadors, Jill Bunny & Michael DeCorte. They both shared their inspiring stories of how they got involved with the fitness industry and SKECHERS.

There were also fitness challenges that people could do in exchange for entries to a contest. I personally opted out, but I got to watch Jill balance as many shoes as she could on Sally Leung, host of Rogers TV ‘Get Fit, Get Strong’ while she did a squat. I didn’t get a picture because I was recording for Sally, but it was definitely a memorable moment.

Of course the main focus of the event was the shoes themselves. Both ambassadors spoke candidly about how much they enjoy the shoes and how many pairs they’ve collected since working with the company. Given the variety of styles available, I completely understand. Even I wanted to walk out of there with at least a few pairs!

Luckily, SKECHERS was generous enough to give us a goodie bag including a brand new pair of shoes featuring their new ‘Goga Mat’ technology. Think shoes lined with a thick, cushiony material similar to a yoga mat. I’ve been using them for walking ever since and they are probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. The extra padding really makes a difference – I can even out-walk my dog now!

For more information about SKECHERS (like where you can get a pair for yourself) check out their website.

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