Sunday, September 25, 2016

3 Recipes To Try Out This Fall!

By: Lisa Ng

Fall is finally here! 

Which means I'm always craving big warm bowls of comfort food that make the house smell amazing. I've been experimenting with a couple different recipes lately - here are three you need to definitely try out for fall:

1) Chicken Soup with Dumplings

Soup has to be one of my all-time favourite foods and this hearty bowl of homemade chicken soup with big chewy dumplings does the trick for me. Make a big pot at the start of the week and throw it into a cute thermos for work the next day. This soup is also super quick to prepare and is a great weeknight meal.

2) Roasted Carrot + Spinach Quinoa Bowl

I made this delicious roasted carrot + spinach bowl recently and I’m definitely keeping this hearty and healthy option in my lunch rotation. Make a big batch at the start of the week and separate into individual containers for a healthy lunch all week. Roasting brings out some really great flavours out of your vegetables.

Grab the recipe here!

3) Slow Cooker Baked Beans

I definitely loved baked beans as a kid. However making your own ensures that you know what's going into it and you're not loading up all sorts of weird preservatives. This recipe is easy to make and cooks slowly in your crock pot.

Which recipes do you like to cook up for fall?

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