Monday, October 10, 2016

Unboxing Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Medley Bars!

By: Lisa Ng + Wendy Kam Marcy

A sponsored post.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I like to eat something within 45 minutes of waking up just to get my metabolism going and my energy levels up! There are days where things are so hectic; I don’t have time to make anything from scratch. Which is why we wanted to share with you these new Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Medley Bars that are #SimplyRealGood.

They are perfect for grabbing and eating on the go. I like pairing mine with a dark black coffee and a crisp apple. It’s easy to eat on the way to the gym or if I need to run out early for a meeting. They are also great for when I fly or travel – I can pack a bunch in my suitcase if I’m unsure of what my breakfast options are at the hotel.

Here's what Wendy thought of the bars!

I also get hangry very easily. I like to keep something in my purse if meetings run long or if I forget to eat or just need an afternoon snack to keep me going until dinner. The new Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Medley Bars are perfect for stashing in your gym bag, backpack or purse for a healthy snack when you’re pressed for time.

The bars contain no artificial flavours or colours and are made with whole grain gluten-free oats. Each bar contains 150 calories with pieces of nuts and dried fruit that you can see. The bars are available in two yummy flavours – Orchard Cherries and Almonds + Harvest Blueberry and Mixed Nuts. Be sure to try them both!

Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Medley Bars are now available at grocery stores across Canada and retail for $3.99 for a box of five. To learn more visit:

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