Monday, December 5, 2016

Urban Eats: Luckee Restaurant

By Wendy Kam Marcy


I’m really excited to share that Luckee, Susur Lee’s Asian tapas restaurant is now open weekdays from 12 to 2pm (except Mondays).

This is a great addition for King West’s power lunch crowd. I know for myself I’m always looking for a place to take clients that will impress on all levels from service to food to atmosphere.

It's also going to be my new lunch date spot with hubby when we can snag those precious few hours in the afternoon while our little one is in Montessori School.


We were recently invited to indulge in Luckee's new lunch menu. Here’s what we had and highly recommend…

Alert: food porn coming up!

Cheung Fun

These soft rice rolls wrapped around a crispy Chinese donut are called Cheung Fun. They are filled  with either shrimp, chicken, lobster or mixed vegetables. Sprinkle shallots and scallions on top, drizzle on the soy sauce and you’ve got a mouthful bursting with delicious flavours and texture.

Taro Cakes

The Teahouse Turnip Cake is an authentic dim sum dish made with sweet potato, green onion and shallots. Susur takes this classic and puts an extra fancy twists to it by adding taro rosti.


Indecisive? Order the Luckee Dim Sum Basket and sample 4 of the chef’s signature steamed dumplings.

Noodle Bowl

I love lunch bowls because they are filling and so much healthy goodness goes into them. There are 4 to choose from: Char See Fun, a popular Chinese rice dish with tender beef short rib; the Duck Bowl includes sticky rice in a lettuce cup with duck, chestnut, shiitake & taro and the Soba Noodle Asian Slaw is made with 21 locally sourced ingredients. It is the perfect option for vegetarians/vegans.

Hot Sour Soup Wonton

I had the Lobster Wonton Hot & Sour Soup which is a must-have for noodle lovers and  those who like it extra spicy!

We saved room for these chewy sweet sesame dessert balls and chai latte sorbet. The perfect sweet ending!

Sesame Balls

Dim sum has always been my favourite culinary genre just because the options are so plentiful and the combination of flavours so unique. Each plate typically comes with 3-4 servings so sharing and sampling is definitely encouraged! 

Luckee also offers a four course Executive Lunch for those who you really want to impress and on weekend, dim sum brunch is served with the traditional carts of course!

Luckee by Susur is located at 328 Wellington Street West. Reserve a table (416) 935-0400.

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