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The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide is a lifestyle website dedicated to the busy city girl.  We cover food, travel, life advice, style and unique finds.  We also host our own exclusive networking events with a modern twist so our "HUGs" can connect offline. We work hard, play harder and our attitude is fun and outgoing - we like to kick negativity to the curb with our Louboutins!

Lisa Ng

Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief
Twitter: @HipUrbanGirl

Lisa grew up in Toronto and attended an arts high school where she turned up the 'drama' in the theatre performance program. She enjoyed a fun stint as an actress working with Justin Timberlake and in a couple Disney Channel Movies. Lisa has voiced various commercials and cartoons including the role of ‘Dana’ on Teletoon’s ‘Wayside’. After finally graduating from UofT with an Honours BA in Political Science and Cinema Studies, she did what anyone else would do - and became a wedding DJ. Oh yes. Her company, hello DJ has performed at over 200 events and specializes in non-cheesy weddings. Lisa credits a lot of her entrepreneurial spirit to the years spent reading The Baby-Sitters Club and all those Super Specials in-between. She considers herself a mix of Claudia and Stacey. Her passion for great food, fab travel and the quest for the best in life led her to launch The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide.

Wendy Kam Marcy

Co-Founder & Chief Marketer
Twitter: @wendykammarcy
Wendy is the "other half" of HUG. She was born and raised in Toronto and graduated from UofT with a BSc.,Hons. By day she is the VP of Marketing for a tech company and the Co-founder of Adfluent Media, an online advertising agency that specializes in affiliate marketing. Wendy is also a new mommy, a CampTech Instructor and has traveled to 17 countries. She has lived in Vancouver and New York City but calls Toronto home (for now).

Tamika Auwai

Style Editor

Twitter: @auwai_inc
Hailing from a small town outside of Guelph, Ontario, Tamika is proof that young country girls can still grow up to be big city fashionistas, and despite the fact that she didn't grow up in Toronto she's definitely got shopping the city down to a science. After completing her B.B.A. at Wilfrid Laurier, Tamika funded her fashion addiction through not so glamourous marketing gigs in aftermarket automotive and photography industries but always knew deep in her heart that she was destined for a more stylish path. On the brink of her 30th birthday she transitioned from corporate life to embrace entrepreneurship, launching Shop Socials, a start-up that's all about shopping and socializing, her two favourite things. When Tamika's not hosting shopping events and excursions for Toronto's everyday socialites, or hightailing it to her favourite spa, this yoga-loving Leo can usually be found glued to a glossy fashion mag, fighting her toddler for her favourite pumps, or getting dolled up to hit the town. Though she currently resides in Mississauga, she begs us not to hold it against her. Tamika's definitely a hip urban girl at heart.

Lisa Wlodarski

Mommy Contributor
Lisa is our resident hip + urban mom. During her school years she was always drawn to the creative side of life, performing on stage wherever she could and competing in dance. While attending McMaster University, Lisa gained her Psychology degree and met the love of her life. Lisa currently lives in Toronto with her husband and 2 young sons. When she isn’t working for an insurance company she’s busy enjoying Indie music, good movies and television shows.

Lisa Jackson

Food and Travel Contributor

Twitter: @lisajtoronto
Lisa Jackson is a freelance writer and the Editor-in-Chief of Eat Drink Travel Magazine. Whether venturing to Icelandic spas or remote beaches, she’s ready with a pen to capture the best in food, drink and adventures around the world. She is a regular contributor to Hip + Urban Girl’s Guide, and her work has been featured in Huffington Post Canada, The Globe & Mail, CBC Radio Thunder Bay, and the John Tory Radio Show.

Daniela DiStefano

Contributor of All Things Hip + Urban
Twitter: @ddeestefano
Daniela is a writer, editor, blogger and tweeter with an endless love for nail art and cocktail rings. She blogs about her writing adventures on Making it to the Masthead and runs her own writing and editing service, The Writing Concierge.

Natalia Dziubaniwsky

Travel Contributor

Twitter: @taliasfootsteps

Natalia Dziubaniwsky is a professional in the not-for-profit and volunteer sector. In her free time she is also a freelance writer and a regular contributor to Eat Drink Travel Magazine. An avid traveller, Natalia has explored 18 countries to date and that number is constantly climbing. She is forever searching for a new adventure, fresh experiences and delicious eats. She has lived in South Korea as an English teacher, gone sand boarding in Peru, journeyed solo through South East Asia and Australia, volunteered with elephants in Thailand and learned to scuba dive in Indonesia. Squeezing as much out of life as possible, Natalia loves a good laugh, a killer Chai Latte, is a wildlife and marine enthusiast, movie buff and hobbya-holic. Follow her footsteps through her blog.